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current exhibition
Filip Kostic / Colleen Hargaden / Andy Bennett
10.06.18 - 10.27.18

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 6th, 2018, 7-10pm
Gallery Hours: Saturdays, 12-4pm and by appointment

Elephant is pleased to present Pilot, a three-person show with works by Filip Kostic, Colleen Hargaden, and Andy Bennett. With references ranging from the original flat Earth theory, an all girls rocketry team, and the series finale of “The X-Files”, Pilot brings together work that considers the sky as a source of conspiracy, speculation, and contemplation.

Filip Kostic’s The Zetetic Method, 2018 is titled after the first book which challenged Newton’s theory of the spherical Earth, and posited that the Earth is flat. Kostic’s video documents the artist jumping out of an airplane into the Earth’s atmosphere, attempting to recite the introduction of the book during his free fall. The Zetetic Method documents an extreme act which navigates the possibility of proving or disproving conspiracy.

Colleen Hargaden’s Girls Rocketry Team (Grades 9-12), 2018 and Rocket Animatio…

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