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current exhibition
Hauling Ice: Cryptid-Powered Transport of Glacial Offcasts
a new research project by Davis & Davis Research Labs
05.03.19 - 05.25.19

Opening Reception: Friday, May 3rd, 7pm-10pm Gallery hours Saturday 12pm-4pm

In 2008, a Scientific American blog quoted CUNY biologist Mike Hickerson as saying that, due to global warming, sasquatches may be moving north in search of cooler climates. In 2011, a NBC News story told of eco-entrepreneur Georges Mougin’s plan to tow icebergs to drought-stricken areas for drinking water.
According to Davis & Davis, Hickerson is wrong about the sasquatch migration motivation. West coast sasquatches, inspired by Mougin, are actually moving north in order to tow icebergs back to drought-stricken California. For the research phase of this project, Davis & Davis traveled to Alaska and Newfoundland, Canada to study iceberg formation. They also visited the Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton, California to study sasquatch habits and habitat. Davis & Davis Research Labs have created their Elephant installation as an experimental setup, featuring a 1/12 scale model animatronic sasquatch rowi…

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