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Hej Angels! Forever
Isabel Theselius
Opening reception 6.17.22

Elephant Art Space is pleased to present Hej Angels! Forever by New York based artist Isabel Theselius. For this exhibition Theselius has created an oversized faux leather vest, with detailed embroidered patches and enlarged pins. This piece has been meticulously copied from a motorcycle vest that belonged to Theselius deceased stepfather, Swedish artist Anders Bom Lindén, who passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2012. Anders Bom Lindén graduated from Malmö Art Academy in 1998 and was active as an artist until his death. He made work from his own experiences, reflecting on themes such as loneliness, desire, and expressions of outsider-ness as well as freedom, using a variety of mediums. From the time Theselius was an art student, until today, she has been greatly influenced and inspired by Lindéns mode of working and living, blurring the boundaries between art and life, reality and fantasy. Bom was both a friend, colleague and father figure for Theselius. The act of copying his mo

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