Citadel, City of Commerce
Daniel Wroe
Opening reception Saturday 02.11.23

This project ruminates on the form of a ruinous arch and considers how technology/social media transform the cultural significance of an image or a site over time. In the show the ruins become portals that transport us to a speculative history that only exists within the imagination. There, we explore the space between a thing and our memory of it- between an idea and its representation. The focus of the work is on a flattening of time through the lenses of media, and the complex relationships between place, memory, and visualization.

Daniel Wroe is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Through a variety of visual experiments including sculptural installations, performances, and video work Wroe focuses his fascination with the way things mechanically work into questions of how human perception affects our constantly undulating sense of the real. He is interested in the moments when we are confronted with the fallibility of our own senses– and how those moments force us to reexamine notions of truth, knowledge, memory, and desire and begin to break down our own perceptive dissonance.

Open Saturdays 2/11 through 2/25, 12 - 4pm or by appointment.

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