upcoming exhibition
08.01.15 - 08.31.15

Jenalee Harmon
Megan Mueller
Samuel Scharf
Matthew Usinowicz

Opening Saturday, August 8, 6-10pm
Gallery Hours: Saturdays & Sundays 1-4 pm
And by appointment: studio@jenaleeharmon.com

Pulsating forces crashing against our temples, all objects and space vibrate with a nauseating fourth dimensional steam.

Scanning the room, we search for an anchor to balance the clashing forces between static and variable.

          Look. Look. Survey.

Arresting our eyes on the water damaged surface along the wall, we continue propelling our bodies as oscillating vehicles that resist the fixed and unfixed.
                                                       << spinning & spinning >>
Each revolution condenses the field between watermark and space. Spot…Spot…Spot.

Suspended fields between macro and micro, our vision agitated between the hazy and focused.

                                                     “Do we need a better prescription?”

Untethered by this erosion between source and loop, we throw our bodies against gravity. Spiraling into blurred points of intrusion, the watermark burns into our optics.





past exhibition
Matt McAuliffe
Secret Menus

Secret Menus
by Matt McAuliffe
Opening Friday, May 8, 7-10pm
On view by appointment, May 8-30

Secret Menus is an exhibition presenting a recent body of work by Minneapolis based artist Matt McAuliffe. The show will feature new objects, paintings and photography. McAuliffe continues his work recontextualizing objects and events to bring out latent and new narratives and multiple readings. For Secret Menus McAuliffe presents a constellation of work that interrogates subversive social desires of an individual and their role in a society that attempts to normalize and regulate them.

McAuliffe has been featured in shows at Yale University’s Green Gallery, The Suburban in Chicago, Samson Projects in Boston,The Bindery Projects in Minneapolis and Art of This in Minneapolis. He has curated shows at Julius Caesar Gallery in Chicago and Bindery Projects. He most recently participated in the show “A Study In Midwest Appropriation” curated by Michelle Grabner that also will have a forthcoming book accompanying it to be released by Poor Farm Press with essays by Grabner and conversations with the participating artists.

past exhibition
two bodies of work by Janne Larsen
More Capable, More Functioning
Original Seed

Elephant will be exhibiting two bodies of work by Janne Larsen.

More Capable, More Functioning opening Saturday, April 4th at 7 pm
Original Seed opening Friday, April 17th at 7 pm with a dinner performance by Dining Collective, Inner Dinner (Chris Niemi, Andrew Choate, Janne Larsen).

Gallery hours: Sundays from 1-4 and by appointment.
Closes Sunday, April 26th.

More Capable, More Functioning

“Our tentative conclusion is that it is reasonable to equate the habit system with unconscious processing and the non-habit system with conscious processing. We further argue that both systems are capable of sensory processing and action but utilize different brain regions, have access to different forms of memory, and excel at different computations.” - John Lisman, Ph.D.

Janne Larsen’s exhibition, More Capable, More Functioning, presents drawings, wall hangings and laser cut acrylic sculptures as visual diagrams of human functioning. New brain research has discovered that the human brain can simultaneously handle learned habit tasks (like driving) and more difficult non-habit tasks (like planning a presentation). This dual system allows humans to multi-task. It’s why someone can plan their day while driving during a morning commute, and when they get to work remember their schedule but nothing about the commute itself. In this body of work Larsen explores the unconscious tasks that are associated with parenthood and domesticity; functions that exist in a matrix of banality, repetition, and exhaustion.

Original Seed

Food, in the end, is something holy. It’s not about nutrients and calories. It’s about sharing. It’s about honesty. It’s about identity. - Louise Fresco

The act of putting into your mouth what the earth has grown is perhaps your most direct interaction with the earth. - Frances Moore Lappé

Patent exhaustion does not permit a farmer to reproduce patented seeds through planting and harvesting without the patent holder's permission. - Opinion of the Court, Bowman vs. Monsanto

In Original Seed, Larsen looks to the language of Monsanto patent lawyers to elucidate our complex relationship to food. Four traditional watercolors that portray Monsanto employees as heroic crusaders against world hunger are paired with four sculptures that borrow the language of the lawsuit Bowman vs. Monsanto. The watercolors are humorous attempts to visualize Monsanto’s stated commitment to end world hunger, protect rural communities and grow food more efficiently in order to help farmers stay in business. The silicone sculptures utilize Monsanto legalese to explore how we have become very submissive about food. Together they explore how the food industry has transformed a nation of farmers and people who worked the land into passive consumers that buy food without thought about it’s source or progeny. We have casually given our power away. The work attempts to explore with humor why we have chosen to do that.

Janne Larsen is a Los Angeles based artist and educator. She has designed theater, opera, dance and installations throughout Los Angeles and New York. She has exhibited her artwork locally and internationally. Her work has been seen at Symphony Space, Pomona College, Cal State Los Angeles, Califonia Institute of Technology, California Polytechnical Institute, Horsetrade Theater, Los Angeles Municipal Gallery, Workspace, Weekend Gallery, Telic Art Exchange, Outpost for Contemporary Art, The Municipal Gallery of Assisi and The Washington Museum of Art. Janne received her MFA from CalArts in 2007.

Larsen’s work may be viewed at jannelarsen.com

Announcement images by Kimo Proudfoot.

past exhibition
Cindy Rehm
Psychical Research

Cindy Rehm
Psychical Research
March 6-29, 2015
Opening Reception: Friday March 6, 7-10pm
Closing Reception and Performances: Sunday, March 29, 5-9pm

Gallery Hours: 1-5pm March 8, 14, 15, 21 & 28
and by appointment, contact cindyrehm@gmail.com

Possession and the séance experience, therefore, bore witness not to the emergence of particular sexual drives or needs as in the binary model of sexual difference, but rather to the discourse of the polymorphous, paradoxical, deviant, erratic, eccentric, even scandalous nature of desire—and its enactment. The materialisation séance, like a theatrical or fantasized scene, established the conventions which made possible the staging of desire.
—Alex Owen, The Darkened Room

Cindy Rehm’s exhibition, Psychical Research, features a series of collage drawings and video inspired by Victorian mediumship and the book Phenomena of Materialization. The text documents séances between 1909 and 1914 featuring the medium Eva C., and includes reports of sittings, maps of the séance room and detailed accounts of the medium’s gestures, utterances, and materializations. Like women stricken with hysteria, the mediums of the early 20th century fell into trances and challenged conventions of proper feminine conduct through a wide variety of erratic behavior including bodily contortions, spontaneous vocalization, automatic writing, channeling sprits, and the production of ectoplasmic forms.

Rehm looks to the liminal space of the trance as a rich site for the creation and vocalization of potent female narratives. She blends fragmented found images of the body and natural forms to reflect on the expansiveness of female experience, spirituality, and desire. In her video Double Thread two young women engage in an imagined preparation for a séance. The women enact quiet rituals as they interact with mysterious materials that mimic the white gauzy substance known as ectoplasm. The looping video speaks to the intimate bonds between women and to the ceaseless generative potential of their performing bodies.

The exhibition will close on Sunday, March 29th with performances by Rebecca Bruno, Cindy Rehm, and Chelsea Rector. The closing will run from 5-9pm with performances commencing at 7:30pm.

Cindy Rehm is a Los Angeles based artist and educator. She is the co-founder and director of Craftswoman House Temporary Residence a project dedicated to presenting feminist centered works in Southern California. She is a member of the Association of Hysteric Curators and former Director of the Baltimore installation space spare room. Rehm is the recipient of an Individual Artist Fellowship in Media from the Tennessee State Arts Commission, Learning to Love You More Grant, and a Faculty Development Grant from Middle Tennessee State University.

Rehm’s work in drawing, performance, and video has been shown at national and international venues including: Woman Made Gallery: Chicago, LACE; Los Angeles, Goliath Visual Space; Brooklyn, Paul Robeson Gallery; Rutgers, ARC Gallery; Chicago, Transformer; Washington DC, Interaction IV; Sardinia, Italy, and the Archeological Museum; Varna, Bulgaria and at Mains d’Oeuvres; Saint Ouen, France.

Rehm’s work may be viewed at cindyrehm.com

past exhibition
02.07.15 - 02.28.07

February 7-28, 2015
Opening Reception: Saturday February 7, 6-10pm

Artists: Matt Allison, Cathy Ellis, Alexis Granwell,
Ryan Carr Johnson, Patrick Melroy, Trish Tillman

Curated by: Megan Mueller and Sam Scharf

“We are the things that know us.”
-Jennifer Doyle

Elephant is pleased to present Materialist, a group exhibition featuring the work of six artists at the forefront of exploring the potential of material as subject. Materialist investigates strategies of production that consider site specificity, function, artifact, and redirection. The materials used by each artist create pluralistic interpretations of the objects as they are presented. Resisting traditional classification, the works exist as both ruin and artifact, serious and whimsical, unresolved and rigorous. While maintaining a transformational ambition, the artists create a tangible energy that derives from the investigations and demands placed upon the materials they’ve chosen. From carrying objects on our backs to presenting previously unknown relationships between materials, this exhibition displays a full range of work that embodies the Materialist

Matt Allison investigates the way people make places for themselves, with a particular enthusiasm for acts of intervention and repurposing. He has completed site-specific projects in Florida, New York City, and California. He recently created an installation at University of California, Santa Barbara in response to the disappearing lake system of Keystone Heights, FL and the grassroots activism it has inspired. He received his BA from Ringling College of Art and Design in 2004, and will receive his MFA from the University of California, Santa Barbara in the spring of 2015.

Cathy Ellis received her BFA from Sonoma State University and her MFA from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2014. She has exhibited nationally, including exhibitions at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara, Minan Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Cal State Channel Islands, Camarillo, CA, 186 Carpenter, Providence, RI, Sonoma Valley Museum, Sonoma, CA, SFMOMA Artist’s Gallery, Trillium Press, and Southern Exposure, San Francisco. She is currently a Teaching Fellow at the College of Creative Studies, University of California at Santa Barbara, and the 2014 winner of the Howard Fenton Award for Painting.

Ryan Carr Johnson earned his Bachelors of Fine Art in painting from the Corcoran College of Art + Design and his Master of Fine Arts degree from American University in 2013. Ryan currently lives and works in greater DC area. His work has been shown repeatedly in the Strickly Painting exhibitions, both Pulse and Scope Miami, galleries, universities, and museum exhibitions. Most recently his work was included in the Bathesda 10th annual Painting Awards, in addition his first solo exhibition at McLean Center for the Arts entitled “Remember Me as I was.” Materialist will be his first time exhibiting his work on the west coast.

Alexis Granwell has exhibited internationally and nationally, including exhibitions at Europos Parkas Museum, Vilinius, Lithuania, IPCNY, NY, Momenta Art, NY, Hemphill Gallery, Washington DC, University of Richmond Art Museum, VA, Arlington Center for the Arts, VA, The Print Center, PA, Fjord Gallery, PA, Lawndale Art Center, TX and Bryan Miller Gallery, TX. She recently had solo exhibitions at Towson University, MD and Giampietro Gallery, CT Her work has been reviewed in The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Washington Post, The Globe and Mail and New American Paintings. Granwell received her MFA at the University of Pennsylvania. She teaches at Tyler School of Art and Moore College of Art and Design. She is one of the founding members of Tiger Strikes Asteroid, an artist collective, in Philadelphia.

Patrick Melroy currently maintains a studio practice in the city of Santa Barbara California. Melroy’s practice exists most often as interactive objects and experiences designed to engage an audience. His work has appeared in shows from Belgrade Serbia to Los Angeles California. He was a founding member of the influential Uppur Bunk Collaborative and a charter member of Bottled Lightning Projects in Portland Oregon. Currently Melroy can be heard as the host of the podcast Towned produced by Pullstring Press. He received his MFA from the storied Department of Art at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Trish Tillman received an MFA from School of Visual Arts and a BFA from James Madison University, with additional studies at the University of Wolverhampton, UK. She is a recipient of the Joan Mitchell Foundation 2009 MFA Grant and has received grants through the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities as well as the Baltimore Office of Promotions and the Arts. She has most recently exhibited her work with Emerson Dorsch, Miami, FL; Regina Rex, NY; Present Company, NY; Slag Gallery, NY; Nudashank, MD; and Civilian Art Projects, Washington, D.C. Tillman is a Professor of Art and Design and has taught at Monmouth University, George Washington University, Rutgers University and the University of Maryland. She has an upcoming solo exhibition at Asya Geisberg Gallery in New York.

past exhibition
Keith Walsh

Keith Walsh
January 9—31, 2015
Opening reception: Friday, January 9, 7—10 pm
Gallery hours: Saturdays and Sundays, 1-5 pm and by appointment
Closing reception: Saturday, January 31, 7—10 pm
Contact: Keith Walsh (424) 331-5231; adelmanwalsh@sbcglobal.net

Elephant is pleased to announce WILL < / > WILL an exhibition of new drawings and sculpture by Los Angeles based artist Keith Walsh. This work continues his exploration of American political and cultural history since the 1960’s, how the realms of speech, forms, and images of individuals associated with the challenges of social progress and justice may subjectively resonate today.

The activities of drawing, printing, and sculpting serve as autographic and labor intensive means for his processing of American history and realizing new possibilities. Language, abstract form, and representational images are lexical agents for creating a space for a reader’s interaction and, within a theory of composition itself, serve as metaphors for the multiplicities and tensions intrinsic to the evolution of a society.

Keith Walsh received his MFA from Tufts University. Recent shows include Long Beach Community College, For Your Art, Side Street Projects, Weekend, Dan Graham, The Beacon Arts Building, and the Santa Monica Museum of Art. His work has been reviewed in Artforum, Artweek, The LA Weekly, and The LA Times.
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past exhibition
Diana-Sofia Estrada
Traveling Without Doing Harm

Diana-Sofia Estrada
Traveling Without Doing Harm
Opening Reception Friday, November 24, 7-10 pm
Exhibition open Nov 22nd, 23rd, 25th, 29th
1-4pm, and by appointment, 213-500-7625

LA based artist Diana Sofia Estrada presents new work at Elephant. In this installation of work, Estrada focuses on traveling without doing harm. The term “ harm” is applied broadly, the idea being that whenever people travel, we leave or do something to the immediate environment or community. Traveling without doing harm is an impossible, but lofty, goal for one who wishes to be as respectful as possible to an area they are visiting… maybe.

Drawing upon Estrada’s experiences in travel, often being mistaken for a local, this body of work comments upon traveling as a source of “inspiration.” Using imagery she took while in Alexandria and Cairo, Egypt during the summer of 2009, she contrasts this with images taken while her parents were living in Alexandria during the January Revolution of 2011, known in the U.S.A. as part of the Arab Spring. Addressing issues of cultural insensitivity and voyeurism, Estrada’s works seek to record immediate reactions and considerations unto themselves, creating an installation of paintings and objects that voyeuristically contemplate beauty and change.

Estrada has also organized a group of artist performances that address the title of the show, “Traveling without doing harm” through the issues of identity/persona, urban planning, immigration, and capitalism. The artists are Joy Harris, Guan Rong, Henry Taylor, and Diana-Sofia Estrada. Performances start at 9pm on the night of the reception.

Artist Performances on Friday, November 24, 9pm
Traveling Without Doing Harm: Blunders and Mishaps
Joy Harris, Guan Rong, Henry Taylor, and Diana-Sofia Estrada

Diana-Sofia Estrada

Diana-Sofia Estrada received her BFA cum laude in Painting/Drawing and BA cum laude in Psychology from the University of North Texas. She received her MFA in Art from the California Institute of the Arts in 2008. Estrada’s work encompasses drawings, installations, and video to question every day expectations. Estrada has exhibited her work in FotoFest Houston, participated in DiverseWorks’ artist residency, The Real (Art) World both in Houston; in 2008, Estrada was an artist in residence at the Vermont Studio Center, and in 2009 she received the Arts for All Teaching Fellowship from the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. That same year she was a teaching artist in residence at the Bibliotheca Alexandria/ L’Atelier D’Alexandrie in Alexandria, Egypt. Estrada has exhibited her work internationally and nationally including Diaspora Vibe Gallery (Miami), Maniac Gallery (CA), Alice Yard Space (Trinidad), and at Artlab at the Smithsonian Hirschhorn Museum in Washington D.C. www.dianasofiaestrada.com

Joy Harris

Jeanette Joy Harris is an artist and writer who lives in Houston, Texas. She has had solo and collaborative works shown in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Houston. Her work will also be shown in December at Miami Photo Salon, an exhibit associated with Miami Art Week. She has published work with TribTalk (editorial section of Texas Tribune), Glasstire, and Illusion. With a background in philosophy and politics, Joy has also presented academic work on the concepts of public space and action. Her blog www.duchampintheoffice.com connects “normal” people with contemporary art. @duchampintheoff

Guan Rong

Guan Rong as “Ms. Rachel” has been teaching art classes to children and youth in the San Gabriel Valley area since 2005. She adopted the name “Rachel” right after she graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a BFA. Finding it difficult to be “Ms. Rachel” while teaching art and also attending CalArts, she left CalArts after a year of study in the MFA program. Being “Ms. Rachel” while teaching is her main source of income that supports her art making as Guan Rong. Guan Rong has exhibited and performed at the Armory Center for the Arts, Riverside Art Museum, The Velaslavasay Panorama, KCHUNG Radio, Rowland Contemporary (Chicago), and Blutenweiss (Berlin). Guan Rong makes paintings, films, books, performances, and radio shows with John Burtle. She recently participated with KCHUNG at the Made In LA 2014 at the Hammer museum.

Henry Taylor

Henry Taylor is a Los Angeles-based painter and sculpture who often makes portraits of his relatives, friends, neighbors, and anyone he feels connected to, if only briefly. His work freezes an intimate moment in time. Henry Taylor received his bachelor of arts from California Institute of the Arts and has had solo exhibitions at MOMA PS1, Santa Monica Museum of Art, and Studio Museum in Harlem. He has been included in numerous group exhibitions, including 2013 Carnegie International, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh; Blues for Smoke, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Made in LA, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles; Peres Projects, Berlin, Germany; and Body Language, Saatchi Gallery, London, England; Human Nature: Contemporary Art from the Collection, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles; 30 Americans, Rubell Family Collection, Miami, FL and North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC. Taylor is included the collections of Saatchi Collection, London, UK; Studio Museum in Harlem, New York, NY; Rubell Family Collection, Miami, FL; MoCA, Los Angeles, CA;MoMA PS.1, New York, NY. Taylor is represented by Blum and Poe in Los Angeles and Untitled in NYC.