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current exhibition
Now More You
Lauren McElroy
10.12.19 - 10.27.19

Opening Reception Saturday, October 12, 7-10pm
Gallery hours Saturdays 12-4pm and by appointment

When it comes to YOU, we think we know a few things! YOU are a one of a kind. YOU deserve more YOU time. YOU only live once. YOU like your uniqueness to show. YOU don’t take no for an answer. YOU don’t settle. YOU work hard. YOU kick back. YOU are the future. YOU are not your parents. YOU strive. YOU hustle. YOU shine. YOU are amazing.

We have built a brand that will seamlessly fit into the lifestyle that YOU have made for yourself! For a limited time only, opt in to our exclusive program. It is completely on brand with YOUR brand, its truly as YOU as YOU are! YOU have your finger on the pulse of tomorrow and we have our finger on the pulse of YOU. The perfect YOU.

YOU are curious, YOU are wild. The world is your oyster, and YOU are gonna shuck it. YOU have needs needs you have needsyouhave youhaveneedsneedsneedsneeds>
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proposals wanted for 2020 exhibition season!
deadline: June 30th

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