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current exhibition
Greener Than Grass
Christina Mesiti and Natalie Smith
02.02.20 - 02.29.20

Opening reception Sunday, February 2nd from 3-6pm. 
Gallery hours on Saturdays from 12-4pm and by appointment.
He seems to me equal to gods that man whoever he is who opposite you sits and listens close to your sweet speaking

and lovely laughing–oh it puts the heart in my chest on wings for when I look at you, even a moment, no speaking is left in me

no:tongue breaks and thin fire is racing under skin and in eyes no sight and drumming fills ears

and cold sweat holds me and shaking grips me all, greener than grass I am and dead–or almost I seem to me.

But all is to be dared, because even a person of poverty…
Sappho, Fragment 31

This exhibition presents an invitation to engage with swirling contingencies, paradoxes, and hypotheses about sacred space. When defined as a state of being, that which is sacred is bound up with the ways that the self can function both as an impediment and medium to sacredness. This show was organized around a series of conversations about Fra Angelico’s Annunciation. In this pain…

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proposals wanted for 2020 exhibition season!
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