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current exhibition
Kari Reardon
07.26.19 - 08.31.19

Opening reception Friday July 26th, 7- 10pm
Closing reception Saturday August 31st, 1- 5pm
Open Saturdays, 12pm - 4pm or by appointment.

For both artist and mother motions can become repetitive, recurring themes, daily exercises. Growth and change happens slow, then fast. Kari Reardon's new work, Reproductions, an investigation of sorts into self-evolution, examines various aspects of two intertwined identities: artist and mother. The body engages itself in ways it never has before. The physical drives for loving and nurturing the baby take control. So many motions cannot be undone, and signposts point back to the start of a path, new strange processes: baby feet kick from inside the belly, remnants; a focus on non-toxic materials, producing artifacts with one hand on the baby, sitting, in the beginning always sitting; the nursing baby shares the feel of hearts beating with the mother and the mountain ridges in the background. Reproductions holds tight, and yet releases, the changes …

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