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current exhibition
a single set, a glass aswarm
Rachel Roske
04.06.19 - 04.28.19

Opening Reception Saturday, April 6, 7-10pm
Exhibition on view April 6 -28
Gallery hours Saturdays & Sundays 12 - 4 pm and by appointment

A. glass aswarm
The mannerism of nature caught in a glass And there become a spirit’s mannerism, A glass aswarm with things going as far as they can
—Wallace Stevens “Looking Across the Fields and Watching the Birds Fly” 1
As much as his lifelong day job as an insurance executive was tethered to the concrete, Wallace Stevens’s poetry often latched onto quotidian characters in nature like the moon, the seasons, fruit, clouds or birds. In the alchemical context of a Stevens’s verse, such common nouns are slippery and expanded, yet somehow even more elemental. In this altered existence, for example, a piece of fruit grapples with something beyond nature, pointing past its familiarity towards the abstract and sublime.
In the process of poetry, language itself can undergo a related transmutation as its sound is heard anew— rhythm, syllables and …

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