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current exhibition
Barbara Signer & Natalie Price Hafslund
11.09.19 - 11.30.19

Opening Reception Saturday, November 9, 7-10pm
Exhibition on view through November 30
Gallery open Saturdays, 12-4pm and by appointment

“What time does the sun set?” the Creature asked the Maggot.
Along the route, past petrified stone faces, PMS, moongates and triangular shapes, utopian ideas, psychotic showers and the encounter with a blond haired ghostess in a hotel pool, they decided to save the crust of a Cornish Pasty and build a shelter.
Ready to become what they are, they were finally pushed through a cervix like wormhole into a timeless space.
This would become their habitat for the future.

Barbara Signer and Natalie Price Hafslund take the positions of Maggot and Creature as a method to understand what reality and space means and how to think about that.
Swelling in substance and the unknown, maggot and creature convince themselves they are architects and prepare to enter the imago, a process of growth and development, challenging maturity by building shelters where they feel safe …

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