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upcoming exhibition
Fixers: A Trauma Revival
Sarah Petersen
06.22.19 - 07.14.19

Opening Saturday, June 22, 7-10pm Exhibition: June 22-July 14, 2019

Performative activations during most Saturday open hours, 12-5pm: June 22 - July 13

Concluding ceremony and collaborative performance (all are welcome to participate): 3-5pm, Sunday, July 14

Also open by appointment and for collaborative practices/experiments/activations related to the show (email for more information, and to propose/schedule, June 23-July 13)

An intersubjective installation for those who no longer know what to do with their bodies at openings; who are ground down by exhibitionism, by everything they’re trying to heal, by the justice they can’t yet fashion and the understanding they can’t yet reach. This one’s for those who just don’t even know anymore, who keep trying to intervene, to wait, to just chill and let it be, to learn it, to feel it, to connect it, to put words to it, an image. To act.

Shake. Thicken. Press. Tangle, entangle. Slow it down. Rest. Check out.

Note the trauma…

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