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upcoming exhibition
Jane O'Neill
06.09.18 - 06.30.18

Opening reception Saturday, June 9, 7-10pm
Exhibition open through June 30
Saturdays 12-4pm and by appointment

“Eyeyouwe” is an exhibition of installation, paintings, sculptures and collages that envision love, sex and home decor in a post-earth space environment. Languages will be lost, cultural histories will have been warped so many times through the creation and destruction of civilizations that the surroundings of the surviving society are composed of remnants disconnected from their status and class. Instead of objects, prized commodities might be representations of gravity, space and air. Many generations from now, humans won't know if there was an IKEA in Ancient Egypt, or that the bottom of the ocean wasn't tiled.

(image: "Eyeyouwe" (detail), 2018, glass and ceramic tile, paper, fabric, mirror, plexi, acetate, Mylar, foil, litho crayon on digital print, wood, 33x42 inches)

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