current exhibition
Soma / Sema
Anthony Bodlović
04.13.18 - 04.28.18

Anthony Bodlović
Soma / Sema
Opening Friday, April 13, 7-10pm

Let’s start by counting slowly from one to ten. With each number, you grow more and more relaxed . . .

One . . . your eyes are relaxing…
Two . . . your body is loosening…
Three . . . your legs and torso, relaxing…
Four . . . your chest, back, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, releasing...
Five . . . your neck, your head, your ears, face, mouth, nose, eyes, relaxing...
Six . . . the crown of your head eases…
Seven . . . your whole body slackens …
Eight . . . you feel a comfortable, light, floating sensation...
Nine . . . you are in a trance state … weightless...
Ten . . . you feel light and comfortable and safe.

I invite you to step into an environment that makes you feel safe and peaceful. It can be someplace you remember, or a place you have never been. Experience the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes until this scene becomes real. You come upon a path meandering away from this scene. Follow that path. It takes you deeper into trance with every step you take. The sights and sounds, more vivid. The smells, more pleasant. The feeling, more comfortable. You now enter into a sacred area in your inner landscape. There you encounter a structure in the center. It feels both safe and wondrous. It is your own inner resource, recording all that your soul experiences through eternity. You have come here for a special purpose. You have come here for the answers you have always sought. This knowledge exists deep within your soul. Here you can retrieve whatever you need to know.

You enter.

Soma / Sema is on view April 13-28. The gallery is open Saturdays, 12-4pm and by appointment.

past exhibition
Finally Endless
Bradney Evans
03.10.18 - 03.31.18

Elephant is pleased to present Finally Endless, an exhibition of sculpture and drawings by Bradney Evans.
Opening reception March 10, 7— 10pm

“I no longer feel the sun. But I also can’t recall last feeling cold. At what we’ve now resolved to call night, when the light slumps close to that distant margin, we climb up to the roof. We watch it settle into a low crouch that paraphrases every form. And when briefly in this position, all of the last creatures begin to stir and sound. This conduct seems to conjure the wind from otherwise unending stillness. It threads every ruptured window and useless doorway in the city. I close my eyes and all of this is the sound of an orchestra tuning. And then when achieved, it halts and we acquiesce again to arid silence. And the light rises again and it resumes its languid assault on every surface beneath it. The paint on every façade is faltering. Desiccation curls every outer edge. There is less and less to hold onto. And this is now how it is.”
- Celine Harper, Finally Endless.

Exhibition open from March 5—31. Open Saturdays 12— 4pm and by appointment.

past exhibition
Adult Contemporary
Jonathon Hornedo
02.10.18 - 02.27.18

Opening Reception Saturday February 10 from 7 to 10pm

Open Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 6pm

Contact Elephant for appointments:

Elephant, in association with Pretend Gallery, is eager to present Adult Contemporary, a solo exhibition of new self-portraits painted by Jonathon Hornedo.

Adult Contemporary is also the title of Hornedo’s forthcoming second visual album. In 2016, with Art Catalogues at LACMA, he released his debut album called What’s Knew, a group of small individual prints of abstract paintings that were rich in tonal variation, color, and shiny lines. For Adult Contemporary, Hornedo maintains an exploratory use of color with translucent stains and opaque layers in oil. There is still some shine, especially in the T-zone area. Hornedo’s interactions with the genre of self-portraiture bridge structured improvisation, self-channeling, and alignment of material and subject. His strokes are broad, loose, and tight. The subject is mannered, illusionistic, expressive, and distortions ooze through the cracks. On view at Elephant are a selected preview of paintings for the new solo album of 11 prints called Adult Contemporary.

There is more than one Hornedo in this show. There’s a red Hornedo. A gold one, a blue one, and one where he kind of looks like a vampire. In another he looks like an androgynous green alien with greasy long hair. He’s wearing the same thing in each painting like a uniform, the same white collared shirt and dull ochre peacoat that he bought specifically for this project. He appears calm, anxious, annoyed, and joyful. This is a guy who once slipped on a banana peel. It’s the face he often made when telling people about these paintings before he painted them. It’s the Pura Vida vibe of a first generation Costa Rican who accidently took a dance class once and saved all his receipts last year to calculate his business tax deductions and who recently bought a cold-pressed masticating juicer. He masticates daily now. Sometimes twice a day.

15% off pre-orders for Adult Contemporary at the opening. The album includes 11 individual prints, digital copies, a soundtrack, and an opportunity to have your portrait painted by Jonathon Hornedo.

Edition Popcorn: Beet Pop Blush by Sara Chao

No Way Rosé by Pretend Gallery


Jonathon Hornedo was born in Long Beach, CA in 1982. He has a BA in Art from UCLA and graduated in 2010. In 2012 his solo show Canvas Panels was reviewed by David Pagel in the Los Angeles Times. Pagel said he was “wicked silly and wildly intelligent”. British journalist Sophie Heawood has called him “a most excellent man”. Paintings from his debut album What’s Knew have been exhibted at Outside Gallery, Pretend Gallery, and AR Projects. His work has been exhibited at the University Art Museum at CSULB and featured in the LA Weekly. In 2016 Hornedo began working with performance artist Anthony Bodlović on a podcast project called Rated PG. It aired on KPFK 90.7FM from November 2016 to February 2017. Episode nine premiered at PØST for Hornedo’s solo show of landscapes called Now Showing. His studio is called Pretend Gallery. He lives and works in Echo Park, Los Angeles.