past exhibition
Finally Endless
Bradney Evans
03.10.18 - 03.31.18

Elephant is pleased to present Finally Endless, an exhibition of sculpture and drawings by Bradney Evans.
Opening reception March 10, 7— 10pm

“I no longer feel the sun. But I also can’t recall last feeling cold. At what we’ve now resolved to call night, when the light slumps close to that distant margin, we climb up to the roof. We watch it settle into a low crouch that paraphrases every form. And when briefly in this position, all of the last creatures begin to stir and sound. This conduct seems to conjure the wind from otherwise unending stillness. It threads every ruptured window and useless doorway in the city. I close my eyes and all of this is the sound of an orchestra tuning. And then when achieved, it halts and we acquiesce again to arid silence. And the light rises again and it resumes its languid assault on every surface beneath it. The paint on every façade is faltering. Desiccation curls every outer edge. There is less and less to hold onto. And this is now how it is.”
- Celine Harper, Finally Endless.

Exhibition open from March 5—31. Open Saturdays 12— 4pm and by appointment.

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