“Reverence” in quotes
Sydney Walters
Opening reception Saturday 01.07.23


Elephant Art Space is pleased to present “Reverence” in quotes, Sydney Walters’ first solo exhibition in Los Angeles. Convinced that feminism is, in part, a theological project, Sydney Walters’ work explores the relationship between gender and piety. By mining historical images, myths and stories, she uncovers a catalog of religious symbols which she then inverts and reassigns new meaning to disrupt patriarchal constructs.

“Reverence” in quotes is bathed in the neon glow of Walters’ work. Her paintings, reminiscent of 17th and 18th century Dutch floral paintings, entwine references to figures such as Saint Lucy, the Virgin Mary and Hildegard of Bingen onto circular wood panels. She then embeds LED lights into the picture plane, disrupting the painted arrangement which creates an arena for the commercial and precious to collide. The visual symbiosis highlights the power dynamics between consumerism and private reverence.

Outside, Walters drapes a larger than life Virgin Mary armature with ultramarine blue and lace fabric. Mary, now cloaked in her own symbol, gestures down toward a table hosting communion. This body of work disrupts traditional iconography and invites viewers to experience autonomy and authority within a ritualistic environment. The first fifty visitors can participate in “communion.”

Open Saturdays January 7th - 28th, 12-4pm or by appointment. Masks are recommended indoors.

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