past exhibition
Now More You
Lauren McElroy
10.12.19 - 10.29.19

Closing Reception Sunday Oct 27th, 3:30-6pm. 
Performances by Abacus (Brian Ramisch & Brian Randolph) and Emily Lacy will start around 4pm on the back patio. We'll have some drinks and get the grills fired up with some bbq basics and settle into some sonic scapes to compliment the visual vibrations of the show. 

Gallery hours Saturdays 12-4pm and by appointment until Tuesday October 29th.

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Lauren McElroy is a Philadelphia native living in Los Angeles who holds a BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art. Her fine art practice is rooted in collage and paint based abstraction inspired by textile markings and design motifs, subliminal doodling, patterns occurring in nature, microscopic biology and sacred geometry. This year she was selected as one of ten artists to paint one of these abstractions as a large public mural in downtown San Diego as part of the first all female mural festival called Ladies Who Paint Mural Walk.

Lauren also runs a commercial mural painting company called L Star Murals, where she creates work in a broad selection of styles, often incorporating hand lettering, detailed line work, and representational painting into projects for a wide variety of clients. She has painted murals all over the country and has had her artwork featured in numerous television programs and publications. She has developed and created unique signage and murals for over 40 Trader Joe's stores.

The body of work created for this show is a result of contemplating the commercial work made in her studio, which passes through her hands as an artist yet remains largely faithful to the vision of her patrons, creating for her a strangely uncritical experience. By applying the intuitive observational approach of her abstract work, in which problem solving and impromptu decisions shape the image, and combining it with the bold, simple language of advertising Lauren has created an environment that explores the visual and psychological aspects of corporate signaling in the age of digital marketing. The work is informed by patterns of language and imagery used in contemporary advertising campaigns, taking on the form of hand painted display signage which seeks to articulate shared insecurities felt by the act of consuming them, uncovering an ongoing unconscious discomfort with the status quo.

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