past exhibition
In the realm of a dying star
Sarada Rauch
01.06.17 - 01.29.17

Opening reception Friday, January 6th 7-10pm

In the realm of a dying star we revolve around
– in a circle, a revolution, an orbit– we are floating, and some call it flying, but really it’s continuous falling. Falling fast enough to avoid crashing, but too slow to escape the pull of gravity. Stuck in a regular repeating path around. Disaster means “bad star” in Greek. Just like how a snowball turns into an avalanche, a small rocky body can take out a species. From that belt, between Mars and Jupiter, Gods of War and State. And as I contemplate this, that asteroid swings by again, those walls are never high enough, they are never full enough, revolution is a circle. Each time around it’s the same, but it is also a little different.

In the realm of a dying star is a concept album and collection of music videos. In this show, some of the poems are songs, some of the videos are sculptures, and some of the photos move.

Sarada Rauch is an artist, poet and musician born in Los Angeles, and based in Brooklyn. Through reenactment, her work collapses the personal and mediated experience to examine the construction of histories and institutional narratives. Taking her own private thoughts and contemporary events as subject matter, she explores how information is presented in relation to discourses of the “other.” The work is informed by her experience navigating between differing cultures in her background as a perpetual other.

Sarada received her MFA from Hunter College and has exhibited internationally in spaces such as The Drawing Center, New York; Hessel Museum of Art, Hudson; RH+ Gallery, Istanbul; Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami; Central St. Martins, London; La Conservera Center of Contemporary Art, Cueti; Demarco Art House, Edinburgh; and the RISD Museum, Providence. Artist residencies she has participated in include Open Sessions at the Drawing Center, New York; The LMCC Swing Space, New York; Center for Book Arts Workspace Residency, New York; Latitude 53, Edmonton; and she received the BBK Saxony Fellowship in Leipzig. Sarada was one of the directors of Heliopolis Gallery in Brooklyn, and is a co-creator of the podcast called Around About.


On view on Saturdays 12-4pm and by appointment.

To schedule a visit, email elephant:

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