past exhibition
Andy Hall
in 1000 feet
06.04.16 - 06.26.16

Andy Hall
in 1000 feet
a monumental site assemblage

Opening reception Saturday June 4th
6pm - 10pm

kickoff concert
7pm - 8pm
1000 measures
with Conrad Freiburg
live score
procedural music
sculptural unfurling

You are in a state of being pleasantly lost in your thoughts; a daydream.
One might say that immensity is a philosophical category of that daydream…
it produces an attitude that is so special, an inner state so unlike any other
that the daydream transports the dreamer out side the immediate world to a
world that bears the mark of infinity.
- Gaston Bachelard

Based in Chicago, Andy Hall develops sculptural objects and drawings for
renowned sites including The Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh; Museum
of Contemporary Art Chicago, Art Museum, Memphis, and The Chicago
Cultural Center. His collective works reflect sustained material curiosity and
the exploration of ideas through form. Other exhibitions include Geary
Contemporary, NYC, The Soap Factory, Minneapolis; American Craft Council,
Minneapolis; LACE, Los Angeles; Gavin Brown Enterprises, NYC; and Art
Museum, Memphis. Hall is represented by Geary Contemporary, NYC. He is
an Associate Professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

On view on Saturdays 12-4pm and by appointment.
Exterior installation on view at all times.

Andy Hall
To schedule a visit, email elephant: