past exhibition
The Cutest Art Exhibition in L.A 2013 / A Little Dessert Survive
Miggie Wong

Elephant is pleased to present The Cutest Art Exhibition in L.A 2013 / A Little Dessert Survive
One-Page-Only-Magazine Celebration  by Miggie Wong on Saturday, September 7, 7-10pm.
This exhibition celebrates ALDS reaching its 25th episode and Miggie Wong finally becoming a
US Citizen. Entering this exhibition you will see 25 archives of A Little Dessert Survive  one-pageonly
magazines, dessert sculptures and installations, and a series of videos premiering in The
Cake Theater (to reserve seats please see schedule below). Performances will take place on
opening and closing nights, and of course sweets will be served at the courtyard after-party.
A Little Dessert Survive  one-page-only magazine (ALDS) is an episodic monthly magazine
originally published at California Institute of the Arts in 2007. ALDS functions as a game of hide
and seek. Episodes quietly appear throughout the campus for readers who want to own it. ALDS
has since departed from CalArts, extended to the general public by using a traditional mailing
system over the years.
The mission of ALDS is to build connections between humans and human nature. It includes
advertisements, stories, drawings, interviews and performances reviews, each submitted by a
dessert. The writings in ALDS have strong grammatical problems, misspelled words, and an
accent that represents cultural and language mutation. By admitting the mistakes, ALDS has
become a subject and object that allows non-sense, awkwardness, and cynical thoughts to alter
into positive appreciation. It is always a goal of ALDS to become an encouragement and a
charger to stay engaged in a positive viewpoint of our lives and/or to re-appreciate/allow the little
things to make us smile; Let A Little Dessert Survive!
Miggie Wong creates situation-based performative projects. As a native of Hong Kong, her
intercultural experiences across several countries have diversified her artistic awareness coupled
with her own unique brand of art. As such, she offers whimsical experiments that explore and
document ideas of social interaction, cultural mutation, private ritual, and acts of sincerity. Wong
is a current resident in Los Angeles and achieved BFA from California Institute of the Arts.

Celebration Schedule:
Saturday, September 7 (Opening)
Gallery Hours: 7:00-10:00pm
Cake Theater: 7:30-8:30pm (shows every 30 minutes)
Cake Sharing Performance: 9:00pm
(Spoons of cake will be served straight from the Miggie Wong's head.)
Saturday, September 14
 Gallery Hours: 7:00-10:00pm
Cake Theater: 7:30-9:30pm (shows every 30 minutes)
Saturday, September 21 (Closing)
 Gallery Hours: 7:00-10:00pm
Cake Theater: 7:30-8:30 (shows every 30 minutes)
Stareyes Voting I.D Performance: 9:00pm
(Celebrate Miggie Wong became US citizen after 10 years of unsettling residence. Stareyes
Representative provides American Test review. Each participant will be rewarded a Voting I.D.)
To reserve seat at Cake Theater or schedule weekday private visit or request for overseas
magazine, please email

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