past exhibition
Erica Ryan Stallones
11.03.17 - 11.26.17

Opening November 3, 7 - 10pm

The mission of STAR DECK Academy is to explore the physical and symbolic connections between mind, body, spirit and matter through the language of Our Solar System. The point of orientation is Earth, by which is meant The Native, a role we all play beginning at the moment of birth.

The material presented in this inaugural exhibition is both research-based and intuitive. The Academy Star Deck attempts to discern the collective pull of the major planetary bodies through the creation of a series of symbols (i.e. “paintings”).

Meanwhile, in The AstroAerobics Lab, constellations are explored in relation to the (physical, human) body so as to understand through experience the many variables present within a given natal chart (i.e. “life”).

Saturdays & Sundays, 12pm - 4pm  11/3/17-11/26/17

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