past exhibition
Meghann McCrory
05.12.07 - 05.27.17

Opening reception: Friday, May 12, 7-10 PM

Start in the middle. Go from there.

See the pattern. Follow the thread.

Look at this. Stay a moment. And then another. And look, now we’ve been here a little while. Each moment builds on the last. Each action prescribes the next.

Do something. Do it again.

We’ve got infinite bandwidth; the scroll is never-ending. Swipe, zoom, pinch.

My ears are ringing. Are yours?

My attention is all I have. It’s finite and it comes with an expiration date.

Hold it. Pay it. Capture it. Draw it. Get it. Grab it. Ask for it. Focus it.

Start in the middle. You have to start somewhere.

It’s like a possession, an obsession, a procession. When turned around, it becomes a kind of protection. It is a process. I am possessed. I mean I feel processed. I mean I am a process. What was I saying. What? Is what I was saying.

Your attention is all you have. It’s finite and comes with an expiration date.

Grab a thread and pull. Grab a corner if you can. Hold on. It’s all you can do isn’t it. Hold on. Just for a sec. And then another. That’s it.

It’s something, isn’t it. It really is.

Meghann McCrory presents MESHWORK, an exhibition that explores meshes, nets, pattern and drift. Springing from previous works that looked into the entwined histories of textile production and binary computing, this exhibition explores the more intimate material possibilities of textile-inspired vocabularies. Adopting parametric processes in works on paper and a new textile-based sculpture, the installation plays with distortion, distraction, attention and resonance.

Meghann McCrory is an artist based in Los Angeles. Her work includes sculpture, performance, photography and writing. Originally from Albuquerque, she earned her MFA from CalArts and her BA from Wellesley College. 

Gallery hours on May 13th, 20th and 27th,12-4 PM
and by appointment 

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