past exhibition
Pamela Valfer
07.15.16 - 08.07.16

 Opening Reception Friday, July 15, 7-10pm

 Schein [1] m , -s no pl
a (=Licht) light , (matt) glow
[+von Gold, Schwert etc] gleam, glint
einen (hellen) Schein auf etw ($) werfen acc to shine (brightly) on sth, to cast a (bright) light on sth
b (=Anschein) appearances pl
(=Vortäuschung) pretence, sham
Schein und Sein/Wirklichkeit appearance and reality
das ist mehr Schein als Sein it's all (on the) surface
der Schein trügt or täuscht appearances are deceptive
dem Schein nach on the face of it, to all appearances
den Schein wahren to keep up appearances
etw nur zum Schein tun only to pretend to do sth, to make only a pretence or a show of doing sth

Pamela Valfer is an artist and instructor based in Los Angeles. Since moving to California from Minneapolis two years ago, her practice has evolved from object-oriented installation (3rd MN Biennial at Soap Factory, Exactitude at Burnet Gallery) into performative gestures with little reliance on the “art object”; allowing histories of architectural and mediated space to voice concerns about politics, societies and culture. SCHEIN is Valfer’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles.

On view through August 7
Saturdays 12-4pm and by appointment
to schedule a visit, email elephant:

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