past exhibition
Chann & Mhann: A Historical Retrospective, 2005-2012


March 30 - April 19
Reception: March 30, 8 - 11 p.m.

Celebrating their "seven year itch," the dogmatic duo Chan & Mann decided not to stray but to stay together. Their collaboration blossomed as roommates in the condominium community of Sienna Villas. Like sponges, they absorbed the critical discourse of their turbulent times and learned how to wring out their ids in front of large crowds. Are you ready to help them mop ids up?

Inspired by their suburban upbringings, multi-cultural education, and '90s issue-based pop culture, they sought to create a new way of making conceptual art. Together, they enter one side of a problem and emerge from the other side of a different problem.

Chan & Mann are not waiting for the dust to settle on their grocery bags of old props. They are ready to historicize now. This might be your one opportunity to see this work in-person; feel the lush fur of an authentic squirrel chapeau, savor the delightful crunch of a misfortune cookie, name that which can't be named: it is called Licorice.

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