past exhibition
*A John P. Hogan Drawing Show*
March. 11. 2011



*A John P. Hogan Drawing Show*

Opening Reception, Friday, March 11, 2011
7 - 10pm

March 11 - April 2nd

Many American children and adolescents with artistic abilities are cajoled
by their peers to surrender artwork. In exchange for the gift of art, the
young artists get an ego-stroking: “Thanks!" the receiver will say, "I’m
going to keep this and when you’re famous I can sell it for a million

Very few American youths will earnestly pursue a career in art after high
school. Out of that reduced pool, almost nobody reaches any level of
"fame”. John P. Hogan would remind himself of these facts when he’d start
to feel down for disappointing his earliest investors. Alas, even this
modest comfort is undermined by the fact that he went to high school with
James Jean, who is totally a famous artist.

*James Jean is Famous (Not A James Jean Show)* is a tribute to John P.
Hogan’s inability to focus and commit to successful ideas, specifically in
the mediums of drawing and painting. All works will be by John P. Hogan,
and none by James Jean. There are bodies of work that never got off the
ground (like an abandoned Dora Marr tribute t-shirt design) and paintings on
paper about things that are irritating ("Parking Tickets"), and any number
of drawings involving text that give voice to the doubt and
passive-aggressive commentary that would otherwise be internalized ("Tell Me
What To Do and I'll Do It").

John P. Hogan is an L.A.-based artist who takes a satirical approach to issues of colonialism, oppression, and the malleability of history. His work incorporates the ethos and aesthetics of cartoons, illustration, rock music, and amateur theater production. He has exhibited work nationally and internationally, including at John Connelly Presents and the Yerba Buena Center, and has performed at venues such as the Mak Center, TELIC, and Fritz Haeg’s Sundown Salon, and Machine Project.