past exhibition
Hauling Ice: Cryptid-Powered Transport of Glacial Offcasts
a new research project by Davis & Davis Research Labs
05.03.19 - 05.25.19

Opening Reception: Friday, May 3rd, 7pm-10pm
Gallery hours Saturday 12pm-4pm

In 2008, a Scientific American blog quoted CUNY biologist Mike Hickerson as saying that, due to global warming, sasquatches may be moving north in search of cooler climates. In 2011, a NBC News story told of eco-entrepreneur Georges Mougin’s plan to tow icebergs to drought-stricken areas for drinking water.

According to Davis & Davis, Hickerson is wrong about the sasquatch migration motivation. West coast sasquatches, inspired by Mougin, are actually moving north in order to tow icebergs back to drought-stricken California.
For the research phase of this project, Davis & Davis traveled to Alaska and Newfoundland, Canada to study iceberg formation. They also visited the Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton, California to study sasquatch habits and habitat.
Davis & Davis Research Labs have created their Elephant installation as an experimental setup, featuring a 1/12 scale model animatronic sasquatch rowing a small, wooden boat in a small wading pool with a large, scale model iceberg in tow. A spring balance attached to the tow rope will measure the force exerted by the rowboat upon the iceberg.

Their experiment will attempt to answer the question: "Can a sasquatch tow an iceberg with a rowboat?”

Davis & Davis Research Labs has been at the fraying edge of fringe science since 1997 with exciting, original research in the areas of Parapsychology, Ufology, Sexology, and now Cryptozoology. They have presented their research projects at the Huntington Beach (California) Art Center, the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena, California, The Black Dragon Society, Herbert Gallery, Newspace, the I-5 Gallery, TELIC, and Gallery 207 in Los Angeles, California, the Catherine Clark Gallery, the Yerba Buena Center and the Lab in San Francisco, California, the Center on Contemporary Art in Seattle, Washington, EBC1 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and at ISEA2015 in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Denise Davis & Scott Davis are the principal researchers at Davis & Davis Research Labs. Their research can be found online at

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